1. Students should be regular in attending their classes and 75% attendance is must to be eligible for appearing in the examination.

2. Prescribed course fee should be paid within the scheduled dates. Course fee once paid is neither transferable nor refundable under any circumstances.

3. Students have to participate in all production exercises including article writing for the campus newspaper which is an essential part of their course. These exercises will pay a major role at the time of issue of internship letter.

4. Students are expected to behave in a dignified manner and maintain decency, decorum and most cordial relationship with fellow students, faculties, staff members and other at the Institute. Any deviation from or neglect of this desired conduct will attract discrepancy action including debarring from examination or expulsion from the institute. Student should in no circumstances take law in their own hands/ indulge in violence of any type within the college compound.

5. Smoking and drinking within the premises are strictly prohibited. Drinking, even if outside the institute/hostel premises, if results in misconduct will attract strict penalty.

6. Inviting an outsider within the Institute premises for purposes whatsoever without the prior permission of the management is strictly prohibited.

7. Habitual absence, late coming, using mobile phones in classrooms/ library/ study area/ and management office shall lead to heavy penalties.

8. The management reserve all right to postpone or reschedule any of the cleasses/ courses due to unforeseen circumstances.

9. Students are advised to check all important notices/ information, display on the notice boards on a regular basis and also keep their parents/ guardians informed of these, particularly those related to short attendance, disciplinary actions, payments of fee, etc. the college will not be responsible for information gaps between students and their guardian/ parents.

10. Hostel inmates should strictly follow the hostel rules and regulation, otherwise they may be asked to vacate hostel accommodation anytime.

11. Decision of the management shall be final in all matters. All disputes are subjected to Delhi Jurisdiction only.